Hello everyone,

2020 ... it hasn't been easy for anyone so far.

Let's not discuss this whole COVID-19 situation... We simply hope that everyone in our community is doing ok!
Besides that we want you to know something else: We're still here. Our project is still alive. We still want to share our dream of a Stargate RTS game with you. And we're slowly but surely getting back to working on it.

Our last major update (besides some minor fixes) was the release of the ground skirmish open beta on the 15th of December 2019.
One could say it was the last big effort before many of our team members needed to shift their attention elsewhere.
However ... a few of us were able to keep going in the quiet.

Thanks to those we are now able to round up a more then considerable patch for both the open beta and stable version!

This patch further improves ground skirmish by adding new units and abilities (Wraith foremost), improving balance and visuals and fixing several minor and major issues with ground battles in general.
The fix for the long standing bug with the Wraith Queen not spawning in the Pegasus Prelude tactical battles is also included.
Furthermore, it adds a new ground skirmish map - Yus Homeworld - and slightly improves the mods' performance, especially the load time on startup.
Lastly, as usual, we continue improving our description texts: Thanks to community member Boriss for all his work on the English texts, and AbkanST for his work on the Russian translation and darkyuri for his work on the Czech translation.

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Models and Effects:
- Added new model for the Wraith Queen
- Added Iratus Bug model
- Added mortar grenade smoke trail
- Added TurnL and TURNR animations to Wraith_Land_Unit_Chimera.ALO
- Added PRS_INTERDICT_FX proxy to Goauld Artillery Hatak
- Increased the visibility of the Field Commander buff particle
- Improved idle animation of the Wraith_Land_Unit_Harvester.ALO
- Fixed Wraith bomber shadow
- Fixed Wraith_Land_Unit_Harvester.ALO  muzzle bones and attackidle animationIcons:
- Added Icon for Wraith Worshippers
- Added radar icon to offensive and defensive turrets
- Added new ability icons for Wraith Ghosts and Cruiser Bombardment
- Added unit icon for Iratus Bug as well as an ability icon with Iratus Bug for Michael
- Improved all ground building radar icons and gave them contours for better visibility
- Improved icon of  Wraith Soldier and Elite Soldier to be able to distinguish them more easily
- Adjusted scale factor for every ground building radar icon
- Changed Space hero Apophis to now having a different icon than the ground hero
- Replaced the of the Artillery Hatak with the new one used by the actual ship (resolves #3008)
- Implemented workaround for Projectile_Dirt_Collide being spawned with the field commander buff projectiles
- Fixed missing Regeneration Alcove icon

- Made the game no longer load the vanilla config file to prevent it from loading a lot of un-needed stuff. This should give another performance boost
- Created a new template for ground buildings and made basically every ground building use it. This helps making the code a lot cleaner and prevent potential errors
- Fixed invalid Fire_Cone_Height in HP_BAAL_F_SBH_00 and HP_Wraith_Rebel_Starbase_M_WP_00 making those hardpoints work properly again
- Removed LAND_OBSTACLE behaviour from transportation rings
- Unified land/space retreat messages, added custom messages for every faction

Pegasus Prelude:
- Fixed the Wraith Queen not showing up in tactical battles
- Fixed Wraith scout being buildable twice
- Fixed Wallus not spawning fightersSpace Skirmish:
- Made Unit_Space_Replicator_Cruiser use the correct template and re-added shields that accidentally got removed.
- Fixed Wraith Corvette ability not ignoring cloaked unitsGround Skirmish:Goauld:
- Increased fire rate for the Kull to make the unit appear more authentic. DPS untouched.

- Fixed the Shield Malps' shield not protecting properly from enemy fire
- Nerfed F-303
- Changed Ranged_Target_Z_Adjust of the Tau'ri Radar Station to 10 so it can be correctly hit now
- Fixed grenade ability errors
- Added an additional ability for reducing reinforcement time to Tau'ri Inhibitor

- Added new units: Wraith worthshippers and made them recruitable on the Indoctrination Camp structure available on the outpost buildpad
- Added less ugly ghost model to the queen.
- Added new ability Wraith_Cruiser_Bombardment to Wraith Queen
- Added new ability for spawning an Iratus Bug Nest to Michael
- Added TURRET behav to all walkers to enable TURN animations
- Added a tag for Wraith Jammer allowing it to prevent bombing runs in a certain radius
- The Harvester can now kill infantry by running over it
- Improved the handling of the Wraith stun bomb: Added new particle effect and added Recharge_Seconds to the ability which allows the timer "ticking back" if aborted
- Changed Mantis to use an in-code turret. This allows for all barrels to be used
- Switched Seeker to hover template/walk locomotor to improve the odd movement behaviour
- Improved Brutes walking into each other
- Increased Idle_Chase_Range to 350 for the Brute: as a melee unit, it wouldn't react to being attacked in some cases
- Increased Fire_Cone_Width for Harvester AI guns
- Coded harvester head as turret so it looks at enemies when firing
- Tweaked harvester movement animation rate to avoid moonwalking
- Fixed non-working ghost ability for the Wraith Queen

- Added new speech sounds for the Wraith Queen (English only)
- Added new authentic engine sound for the Goauld Probe
- Added new sounds: shields on/off
- Added (currently unused) Zat open sound
- Replaced vanilla Stealth SFX with Jumper stealth sound
- Removed vanilla retreat sound

Level Design:
- Added new land skirmish map: Yu's homeworld!
- Increased Anubis Homeworld lake height to prevent units from being hit while being in water
- (Re-)moved the hill on M4X-337 which would cause units to get stuck frequently on spawn
- Removed fire-obstructing hill on M4X-337
- Fixed missing "spawn garrison" on outpost markers on Tagrea and Othala
- Fixed units getting stuck in middle landing zone on Haktyl
- Fixed missing Othala space map preview in game due to "Othalla"-"Othala" filename inconsistencies
- Fixed skydomes being cut off on large ground maps

- Added improved English texts by community member Boriss
- Updated several mod translation files, especially Russian (Thanks to AbkanST!) and Czech (Thanks to darkyuri!)
- Fixed some issues in the English textfile
- Added text for Wraith ground unit Ghost and for Wraith Queen's ability Ghosts and Cruiser Bombardment
- Added custom retreat texts for every minor and major faction
- Adjusted description for Ancient Dreadnought and Moros' Flagship
- Rephrased some PP GC event texts

Besides the patch we had quite a few #guess-the-map contests on our Discord server.
The following maps have been guessed correctly so far:





You might notice a slight change on PX9-757: We updated the Goa'uld vessles texture.

Before                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            After

Thanks to everyone who sticked around!
We hope (not promising it just yet) to be more in touch again.


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