Happy Easter dear community!

We got you a few presents...none is egg-shaped but they are at least colorful. ;)

But before that a few words about the weather this weekend: Cloudy with a good chance of lightning strikes!
Some of you guessed it already after seeing the teaser on our social media...we included Thor's Chariot from the SG-1 episode of the same name.

This is how the proof of concept looked like:

And this is how we made it work:

  • Daniel Jackson got the weaken_enemy special ability. In the vanilla game, this ability spawns an instantly exploding projectile that affects nearby units. In our case, we've changed that in way that he only spawns an invisible dummy unit.
  • This invisible dummy has a lua script attached that enforces the spawn of another unit despite not being in an reinforcement zone.
  • The unit that is being spawned is also an invisibly dummy but the clue is that this invisible second dummy is spawned via transport.
  • The landing transport is the Beliskner class ship with a custom animation.
  • The transport comes with yet another script that plays a custom sound effect (thunder sounds found on the web) and a special particle effect to have those clouds.
  • In the first iteration (as you saw above), the Beliskner had a weapon hardpoint at its nose that would fire (test) projectiles while unloading the invisble dummy - using the original beam sound effect from the series.
  • Since it was hard to mimic the beam appearance from the episode that way we replaced that Hardpoint with a special ability, drain life. This ability creates beams towards mutiple targets.
  • We then replaced the vanilla beam effect with a custom one in order to have a proper beam effect.
  • All invisible dummies despawn themselves after they have triggered what they were supposed to.

We hope that you like the final result presented below:

On a more serious note: As most of you probably already know Carmen Argenziano the actor of Selmak/Jacob Carter has died this year's February.
It was a shocking news for everyone who enjoyed his acting and we've not been an exclusion.

We therefore would like to showcast our effort to immortalize his persona of Selmak/Jacob in our project.

A while ago we modelled his apperance in on of our live streams which is available as video on demand for everyone interested:

The result of the stream below:

Selmak face final
After that we attached the model of his head to a previously made Tok'ra body:

 To conclude the evolution of our Selmak/Jacob model we created another video of our Stargate EaW Shorts series:

We hope you like our efforts to keep the essence of this beloved character alive.

Stay tuned for more awesome ground stuff and enjoy Easter!


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