Hello dear community,

we have to inform you of a troubling development: just shortly after the release of Pegasus Prelude to stable we got contacted that our mod is under investigation by the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group as statutory representative of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, better known as MGM, the owner of Stargate's intellectual property (IP).

While no immediate action has been taken against us, many mods featuring Stargate content including ours have been informed that an IP claim has been made.

We duly hope that dust will settle over this matter, but we've been informed that the mod might have to be taken down if intellectual property has been used without explicit consent. These are the terms and we are making our projects based on MGM's intellectual property. This we cannot fight. Just like many modding projects containing Battlestar Galactica IP have been pulled in 2011 it appears that as things stand at present, the prospects are very poor to continue our mod in it's current form.

We love our project way too much to end it here and now so we have decided to make a drastic step: in the next version of our mod, we have decided to replace the ship models with those known from Star Trek as we believe to be on the save side here.

You can see an early version of our replacement in the screenshot below:

Amongst others we change the following:

               Tau´ri is now changed to the Federation of Planets.
               Goa´ulds are now changed to the Klingon Empire
               Wraiths are now changed to the Dominion.

In the end, we hope the change wouldn´t be that bad. After all, StarGate, or Star Trek, it doesn´t really matter as long as there is “Star”, in the title.

STMG (yeah, we had to change our name as well)


You guessed it...we will stay true to our beloved Stargate universe!

Make sure to check out Scifi at War which this screenshot belongs to: http://ow.ly/sOhM30ohcO7 :)