Dear community,

the release of Pegasus Prelude to the stable version last week was a big step for our project and for our team.
We're very happy about the amount of positive feedback we received from you! Again thanks for your dedication to our project!

After the release we also got a few reports about two missions that got broken during the transition to the stable version:
- Wraith power source mission
- Final Ancient mission
We already released a hotfix via Steam and today patch 1.6.1 takes care of the CD version.

If you spot another issue please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord or else!

Also after reciving quite some feedback about the quality of our English texts the community member Boriss spend some time on improving them for patch 1.6.0.

This pool aims to gather some feedback on how you like the new texts.

Another thing that happened with the last big patch which was quickly noticed was the big Goa'uld ship model update.
The Goa'uld ships dated back to the original Stargate EaW mod and besides some minor updates we didn't touch them for ages.
In our minds this was no longer tolerable for our favorite parasitic overlords!

As we didn't want to draw too much attention away from our efforts to push Pegasus Prelude to stable and of course the ground part we reached out to our friends at Stargate Invasion (make sure to check them out!) and asked to adept some of their great models.
In the end we exchanged quite a few models between both mods so you might find some familiar stuff in Stargate Invasion after some time as well.

On our end we tweaked the SGI models here and there and altered their texture in order to have them fit our visual style.
Hope you like the examples below!

Meanwhile the team already started to share some insights into the ground part:



Stay tuned for more!


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