Hello dear community,

we're very happy to announce that Pegasus Prelude is now (finally) available in the stable version with today's release of patch 1.6.0!

With this a journey which started over two years ago comes to an end.
As stated in the announcement trailer we're very thankful for all the feedback we got during the open beta of Pegasus Prelude! It was a great ride with many ups and downs and everyone in the team shares the impression that it was a great decision to move our development efforts closer to the community.
Only thanks to you we can proudly say today that we created a GC that surpasses the ones of the orginal mod for EaW in every aspect and especially in regards to scripted events, tactical missions, balancing and performance.

It took us way longer then expected but only that way we've been able to fix some more major issues:

- Fixed a crash in the AFG function that prevented the GC from ending after the player captured all planets
- Fixed potential crash when loading a save
- Fixed an issue which would say that you have won the GC but still trigger the "lost" screen

Those major fixes are accompanied by various more fixes, beautiful new intro movies and various balance and quality of life changes.

The full changelog of patch 1.6.0 can be found on our changelog page:

Also we updated the galactic textures to make sure to deliver a real beauty to you:

Now everyone can enjoy this first galactic conquest for Pegasus Chronicles. Just in case you never heared about it: You can play both as Ancients and Wraith to relive the rise of the Ancients, their war against the Wraith and finally their demise.

Besides adding Pegasus Prelude to stable this patch greatly enhances the visuals of space battles: Not only are all ships and structures capable of casting shadows, we have also given our Goa'uld fleet a major overhaul by replacing nearly all of the existing models with new ones. Some of our questionable English translations have been improved by community member Boriss for better readability and our AI got yet another big update allowing it to use the majority of unit abilities intelligently in battle.

Now that the focus can shift away from Pegasus Prelude we can't wait to tell you more about our plans for the ground part. Stay tuned!


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