Hello dear community,

We're releasing a new update for our launcher today after the stable and open beta got a big bugfix patch last week.
Most importantly this update fixes an issue which caused the launcher to try to download the open beta version from our file server instead of the steam workshop if the steam version of Forces of Corruption is used.
This patch will also fix the following issues:

- Fixed changelog always being re-downloaded
- Fixed OpenBeta not being deleted locally when user should use steam version
- Fixed small error in changelog load logic
- Removed the shader deletion on startup as it could crash the launcher on missing reg entries. It is now part of the start button instead. Also, we now delete shaders for all game versions (instead of only Steam), and only shaders installed by us.
- Updated Compa Check accordingly as the shader check is no longer required
- Fixed an error in the TPCModPath function which would return incorrect values if the user decided to install foc in a different library than the Steam.exe itself
- Steam version shaders now get removed if they previously were installed into Data/Art/Shaders
- Updated russian translation. Thanks to radiosmersh
- Shaders are no longer installed for steam version
- Compa Check hash updated for new steam version
- Shader list updated

Besides that we would like to thank everyone who paticipated in our Pegasus Prelude Stability survey!
We got quite some valuable data which we will now evaluate to decide if Pegasus Prelude is ready for the stable version or not.


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