Dear Community,

The SGMG would like to welcome all of you to the year 2016!

First of all we want to thank all of you for supporting us! This project runs for quite a while now and some of you are sticking with us since years...we're amazed and honored knowing to have such an amazing community! Once again: Thanks to all of you! 

Developing StargateEaW in our free time was and will always be a hell of a fun ride! We surely had our ups and downs last year by having people leave the group or were not able to devote as much time into our project as they might want to. Fortunately we were able to welcome new faces to our team too! We're really happy with what we've achieved so far with Pegasus Chronicles and can't wait to push it even more in 2016!

But before we preview the future we would like to take a moment to remember what we've archived in 2015:

We released patch 1.3 with a spectacular new map type.

We released the first info snippets of the ground part.

Serpent Helmet Render

AND we introduced the Wave Mode a never seen before horde-like mode

Wave Mode Introduction - Mod DB

Internally we developed even more awesome stuff and can't wait to share it with you!  

That brings us directly to our goal for 2016: A Galactic Conquest release

As you might (or might not) know we're currently working on a space-only galactic conquest which will probably the first one released. The reason for that is still that while the ground part is getting more and more shape it will take much more time till it's finished. From our point of view that shouldn't hold you back conquering the Stargate universe once more! We don't want to fool you will still take months till we will be able to release a galactic conquest of any kind. BUT it will happen in 2016. (If everything works out as know us...)

Lord Anubis commands you to trust us on this!

Lord Anubis commands you to trust us on this!


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