I'm making a new patch to fix all the bugs in 1.1

25 Sep 2009 19:59 #9719 by MSG-Bot
nor do the others either :P
At least not as they should =\

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22 Oct 2009 00:02 #11128 by blackstar
hi all.

i never post on these things, but having read the discussion on making ships buildable i wanted to chip in. basically I was playing a big GC on the original EAW 1.1, and got really bored with the Tauri ships, what with the original 304s being rubbish and there being some bug whereby you could only build 6 mk 2s, especially in pegasus. So, in order to make beating the asurans worth the time, I modded in a reverse engineering concept to allow you to build (extremely) limited numbers of asuran ships (max 3 aurora) once you'd conquered Asuras. now, I realise this is about as canon as SG-1 singing barbershop, but it definitely made the subsequent battles against the wraith, ori and especially replicators a lot more fun, and i probably wouldnt have bothered if I didnt have a few cracking ships up my sleave. Its not superside tech like in the old armada 2, but we've seen in the shows sg teams in lantean ships so...

Im not, however, remotely suggesting this should be in the next version, and am definitely NOT offering up this as a patch to the casual user (it would take ages to find all the changes anyway), just wanted to chuck in an oppinion on the subject.

So, fantastic work so far to Merlin et al, and im totally looking forward to the next release. And, to anyone who wants to change something, get into the code and change it! its all xml so its all in plain text, just takes ages to find sometimes.

BUT (and this is important), for god's sake vanilla your install before adding patches from the team. especially before your mod and the patch have a little party and everything goes horribly wrong, and you simply assume it's the patch at fault and have a rant here!

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22 Oct 2009 08:51 #11136 by MerlinGalgotta
Well, the funny thing is that it is totally useless in the next version to make such ships buildable, as you can get some via certain events anyway.
That's way better than making them just buildable on some planets...

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