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24 Jan 2017 19:48 #85735 by Leie_Sistal
Webcomics :D was created by Leie_Sistal
I am making several webcomic on the website tapastic :D, and would love to have your thought about them :D

I have 3 webcomics

The oldest is Jack's Life, just a slice of life, first was about him in the hospital now it is mixed of many thing ^^

Then Myths and Legends : Erghana, an adventure comic, about a Woman Knight who roam the world fighting bad guys XD, but it is really hard to draw good enough yet, so it take to much time..

And the last one is The Pirates' Paradise, an animated comic about space pirates, the world is completly absurde,
I made a trailer for this one XD :

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25 Jan 2017 16:17 #85771 by Imperial
Replied by Imperial on topic Webcomics :D
Hey, you're going to grow as real artist now won't you? :D
I had a look at them:

-/ Jack's Life: I like that you use storys from the normal life, go shopping normal stuff and that.
In the second one some random things are happening without a "real" connection, I suggest to use a "red line" of story, a main theme that dominates at least 80% of the story.

Nah, you need more professional speech bubbles, please have a look at marvel comics or any other professional template. Yours look pretty cheap from the computer, but that just might be my personal standards of quality that make me want to complain :B:

I like this one; its just a image but it has strong expressin and tells a whole story, well done!

-/ Myths & Legends : Erghana
Oh I'm a big fan of stories with a female kickass protagonist, thats for example the reason why I chose a female one in Fallout 3 or Mass Effect 2. But I don't like your style of drawing, its too abstract for my taste.
My suggestion is that you get yourself a learnbook that teaches how to draw in Manga style, which is graphically very strong.
And additionally a artist book to learn the correct anatomy proportions, but in the correct angle of the image viewpoint.

- / The Pirates Paradise
Pirates + Scify = Coooolz
The gif comics look really awesome, love it!
I also love the idea of the "red button", funny and effectfull.
Blob blob blob ? and then Pang Pang boom? - You made my day ^^

Why do you have to make 3 different comics?
Diversity is good, but that splits your working power into 3 parts, you could concentrate to do a really strong flaggship comic if you decide to do only one of them for a while.
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25 Jan 2017 23:51 #85786 by Leie_Sistal
Replied by Leie_Sistal on topic Webcomics :D
Yeah I try do diversify my self the most I can, but I still need a lot more experience at draw (that's why you noticed so many errors in my drawings)
Yeah I see what you mean with the speech bubble ^^, and the red line, I think you are right, and had plan on changing this on the anniversary of the comic (in mars). And for the hole part in the hospital, I had strict rules, only 3 images and all about hospital, then I choose to exit the hospital as I had enough of it XD so I also change the rules so I could try different way, like the one image comic that you liked :).
As for erghana, as you noticed there are many error in proportion, I am really working on that, and making progress ^^, but as I am fairly new to drawing (I mean really drawing) I still need a lot of practice. As for the strong female character I fully agree with you, I really like it :), also I wanted to create a world where woman would be second, if you see what I mean. But might be hard ^^.
As for the last on, well this one is a full non-sens comic so many many stuff will be like this XD. Love does kind of jokes ^^
I am happy you read them :D. I know I am far from being good, but the point of those comic is to practice.
Jack was more like having a time table and basic webcomic, Erghana is more the drawing (as you can see I need to improve) and Pirates is animation and basic fun XD. So yes you are right I could focus on one comic, but well I feel like erghana I am not good enought to do her justice, Jack is easy as the drawing does really matter, and Pirates are really more for the fun ^^.
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