Space Patch 1.2 released!

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27 Jan 2014 11:31 #63829 by Locutus
Hello dear community,

The day has come; today you bear witness to the release of Space Patch 1.2!

If you are using the launcher the update will automatically download and install itself if automatic update is enabled which will update the mod to version 1.2.0.
In case you are not using the launcher, please download the patch here:

This patch fixes the indestructible Supergate bug and several minor bugs that where reported.
It also changes Herak's ability to disable the weapons of several enemy ships at once and adds two
new skimish maps:
Play on Arcanus and deal with hostile Wraith Rebels and try to make your way alive through the perilous dangers of the Minefield map!
General balancing has been improved furthermore and the resource mines now have new under construction animations.

A complete list of changes can be viewed here:

We would like to present to you the second new map, “The Secret of Arcanus” in detail:
A hostile Wraith faction is in control of an advanced, hidden cloning facility. It is powered by a ZPM and can therefore breed new Wraith a hundred times faster than a normal cloning factory. The Supreme Queen has therefore ordered a strike force to Arcanus to bring the planet under her control. Its orbit is however heavily defended and both the Tau'ri as well as Anubis have heard of the existence of the facility and have come to destroy it.

A new Wraith shipyard is located on the right side of the map (the brown circle in the map

This orbital space building is used to construct new Wraith battleships. The huge station houses many connections to the child vessel that pump biomatter into the growing ship. Inorganic structures, computer systems and technical components are gradually installed by Wraith technicians as construction progresses. Above the complex housing the ship reside two large docking cranes that can repair damaged ships. The shipyard is extremely fortified, equipped with a heavy organic hull as well as armaments consisting of 6 light, 6 medium and 2 heavy plasma batteries.

New Wraith Ion Mines (the red areas in the middle of the map overview) are also placed on the map:

Wraith Ion Mines are used to protect sectors or unarmed space facilities from enemies. These spiky,
spherical objects are equipped with small emitters that fire ion projectiles at enemy units in range that temporarily incapacitate the target.

We hope that you like everything that was showcased as well as all the other additions to our mod that come with Space Patch 1.2!

If some of you want to see a video of Space Patch 1.2 before downloading it we would
like to point you to this video, made by LetsTeamPlayDE:


We also got in contact with some English Youtubers after the latest news who now have access to the Closed Beta:

File Attachment:
File Attachment:
File Attachment:

Random Asian Pro lortwarCECH GCm4n

Expect the first videos from them to arrive in the next few days! ;)

We would be very glad if you continue to vote for us in the second phase of the Mod of the
Year 2013.

Thank you for your support, and have fun with the new update!

Sincerely yours,
the Stargate Modding Group

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