Job offer: Sound Designer (for English version)

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21 Jul 2009 22:34 - 10 Mar 2010 12:00 #5717 by Klon
Sound Designer

o Tasks:

- Revision of old English speech samples
- Creation of new English speech samples
- Implementation of the sound files via XML
- Checking the sound files in-game

o Requirements:

- All (or most of) English episodes of SG-1 in English
- Knowledge in any sound cutting program
- Knowledge in XML code
- Very large knowledge of all Stargate episodes
- Active participation in the team communication (above all via ICQ and internal
- General knowledge about the modding workflow of EaW is desirable

o We offer:

- Collaboration in one of the most successful Stargate mods
- A nice, funny and crazy team

o Annotation:

- There is a 4 weeks long trial period, in which we will check the
motivation/commitment and the skills. If this ends positively, you will become
officially a member of the team and get internal access to our forums and files.

To each application you must add:

- A small text (why would you like to work for this mod?, experience ect.)
- A work sample (an ONeill speech sample or something else)

Wer daran denkt aufzugeben hat es in Wirklichkeit schon längst getan!
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10 Mar 2010 12:00 #20639 by MerlinGalgotta
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21 Mar 2010 10:20 #21224 by Tallair
I'd like to apply;

Why would you like to work for this mod?

Why? Why not? Its an excellent mod I've been following for ages; I got experience as I redid the entire sound files for the Orion; Daedalus, Phoenix (GH), Did sound bytes for the Apollo and Korolev.. (I didn’t know there was a some sound patch that had them.. So I did them myself. Also did some sounds for F-302 chatter)

Working Sample

(Orions Sound Clips)

Sound Clips

Tallair (James)
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09 Apr 2010 15:49 #22278 by Rickardus
'TALLAIR', buddy... check your emails?!? ;)

Every time you asks a stupid question, you kill a Ferling... at this rate we will never get to see them!
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