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24 Aug 2013 21:59 #60061 by thevegimobil
Hi all!

Right so i have been away from EAW for some time, haven't played in a year or so. That being said i have recently started watching stargate again. I love this mod, always have and when Merlingalgotta was in charge, so to speak, he spoke to me about some maps i was posting on my moddb page. I did these for fun as i realised no custom ground maps were made for iconic locations on stargate. In the end some of my maps actually made it into one of the releases aaagggesss ago! Pretty sure it was my Genii map. I also slef taught basic xml editing, so as long as i had the art assets i could create characters/units that i wanted. I would very much like to help again so please hit me up if you need someone to recreate locales and maybe some generic land maps may be in order to flesh out the galaxy!

Here is a link to my moddb profile with pics from ages ago. Thanks!

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Hello thevegimobil,

thanks for your application!
Please check your PMs :)


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