Job offer: 3D Artist

12 Jul 2010 14:53 - 12 Jul 2010 14:54 #27070 by MerlinGalgotta
3D Artist

o Tasks:
- Modelling and texturing of ground buildings for the 3 playable races Tauri, Goauld und Wraith
- Modelling and texturing of level assets like pillars, temple or cars

o Prerequisites:
- Knowledge of any 3D program like 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D or
- Knowledge in Photoshop
- Active participation in the team communication (above all via ICQ and internal
- General knowledge about the modding workflow of EaW is desirable

o We offer:
- Collaboration in one of the most successful Stargate mods
- A nice, funny and crazy team

o Annotation:
- There is a 4 weeks long trial period, in which we will check the
motivation/commitment and the skills. If this ends positively, you will become
officially a member of the team and get internal access to our forums and files.

Each application must contain:

- A small text (why would you like to work for this mod?, experience ect.)
- Work sample of your choice (e.g. a building) consisting of: Screen/render of the asset and the asset itself.
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29 Jan 2013 17:19 #55902 by Severon
Replied by Severon on topic Job offer: 3D Artist
I want to help with this mod because I love Stargate, I own every episode of SG1 and Atlantis, as well as the movies. I hate how there is not a good game out there that has been made. When I found this mod I realized this is the best thing there is, and not only that I have the opportunity to help out with it. As far as experience; I am a Sophomore Civil Engineering major, who spent all of high school learning the software. I am currently the central district, and State level Animation judge for Skills USA in Missouri. I use 3Ds Max- currently 2013, and am proficient with Photoshop, though its nothing I can brag about. My best category is modeling. I dont know much about modeling workflow for EAW, but am a quick learner.

Here is a link to some of my work: (should be view-able by anyone) These are old files, I dont have most of my newer work on me... I have videos if you want them, unfortunately I don't have them in a transferable form, I would have to track them down, One is a Bio-shock level that my team redid, the other in an intro video to my portfolio. I would probably have to share those on Facebook with you if you want to see them. I can try and track down the *.3ds files if you want to see some.

Thanks for your time,

Let me know either way.


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29 Jan 2013 18:30 #55906 by Klon
Replied by Klon on topic Job offer: 3D Artist
Hello Severon!
It seems that the manual profil activation has worked.

The team is aware of your application and is checking it.

We are glad that you want to help us with the project! :)

Wer daran denkt aufzugeben hat es in Wirklichkeit schon längst getan!
"Wisst ihr eigentlich das hier gerade die größten Modding Götter in einem Taxi sind!?!" -Bene

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